Recollections and Community Comments about the Women’s Leadership Soiree #wgbiz #smwwdc

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on February 17, 2012

How do you describe magic?

I used to think it was so silly when someone would describe an evening as magical.

Did rabbits pop out of someone’s hat? Was David Copperfield there?

Yet now that words escape me, I understand. They must mean that an event they nurtured to maturity   met the needs of the people it was created for in ways that exceeded what they would have imagined.

Our Women Grow Business community members showed up in force to our Women’s Leadership Soiree. They networked with each other as usual – many of us had our various glasses of wine, exchanged business cards, made small talk, hugged people we hadn’t seen in a while. That much was thrilling but expected.

Of course, sharing appointment book time with two other Social Media Week events (that I hear were simply fantastic), the idea crept in that perhaps we were in for a more, shall we say, intimate gathering.

A Bit of the Unexpected

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Not only was the room filled to capacity,  we got a healthy mixture of rarely-seen veterans and fresh faces among the trusted pillars of our community. This is important: you want the same core group to keep coming to events – that’s what community is.

But communities don’t expand and grow if new faces aren’t introduced, nor if the folks who are normally forced to support only in spirit due to other commitments can’t make it.

And we were lucky enough to have all the bases covered. We had everyone from young female college students to local lady entrepreneur legends in our midst. That was a bit out of the ordinary – and that wasn’t all.

The evening quickly and smoothly advanced from small talk to networking, and not just of the garden variety card-swap. Resources were exchanged and shared, opportunities offered, collaborations started.

And a of start-up may have born from scribbles on napkins – that last part I’m not at liberty to divulge at this time. (wink)

All this was thanks to supportive community members like yourself. And it could not have been such a success without the backing of our premium sponsor, The Matrix Group, and its CEO Joanna Pineda.

Huge thanks to another one of our great sponsors, Compass Point Associates, and CEO Nicolette Pizzitola, also a leadership education advocate, whose George Washington University students also provided our registration support.

And special thanks to Nakeva Photography for capturing our memories throughout the evening.

What Did The Attendees Have to Say?

You just can’t take my words for it that this was an amazing event – with our Women Grow Business founder Jill Foster, now the owner of Live Your Talk, I was a co-host. So I may be ever so slightly biased. Why not let the community speak for itself?

We shall momentarily, in pictures and commentary, below.

(This is an on-going update – if you want your comments/photos included, send a tweet with the hashtag #wgbiz or leave a comment on our Facebook page. After the official photos debut, we’ll be announcing the updated version.)

Thank you so much to everyone attended. If you couldn’t make it or live too far away, we hope to see you at another event soon, online or off.

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