Summary of January #WgBiz Twitter Chat with Maddie Grant (@maddiegrant)

by Guest Contributor on February 2, 2012

#wgb TwitterchatOur Twitter chat with Maddie Grant was enormously successful, and may have set a record for us at Women Grow Business. Please be sure to click though to Maddie’s profile in the report and thank her if you benefitted from the chat or the summary.

Maddie Rocked It!

One of my favorite comments that she made was part of her answer to the question “What things do organizations miss about social media? Specifically things that companies just “get”"

One of the things she said was:

A4 they miss that people see right through marketing messages or spin. people want the truth even if it’s “we don’t know the answer” #wgbiz 24 days ago via TweetChat · powered by @socialditto

So true. You can see more tweets like this, and links to her website and to where you can pick up her book on Amazon, in the downloadable report. Be careful though – the link to follow is to a PDF that’s 33 pages long!

Meet Your Fellow Community Members too.

We had 127 participants this time as well – as you look at the summary, also connect with some of the other people in the Women Grow Business community.

You can click any of their names to discover their Twitter profiles, where you’ll find their links. And on their sites, you can learn more about them, subscribe to their blogs, and find them on other social media properties, if Twitter just isn’t your thing.

You’re also welcome to participate in our next chat as well. There are instructions in the link to the next chat, which you’ll see at the end of this post. When you do, remember to arrive early and tell us what you do, or how the community can help you reach your goals.

You can view and download a summary of the January Twitter chat with Maddie Grant here. If you have any problems with the link, please comment so I can alert you to the direct download link when I update this post tomorrow.

(I’m having technical problems with the October and December chats, but the best verson I can make of those will be up soon as well.)

Please join us at our next chat on February 13th, from noon to 1 pm, where you can learn about How to Be An Effective Digital Storyteller, with Marketer and Author Extraordinare, Stephanie Diamond. We may have a book giveaway, you never know. Keep up with our Women Grow Business posts to find out. The subscribe link is in the upper right hand corner of the site.

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