7 Ways For Women and Men to Celebrate International Women’s Day Together #iwd #wgbiz

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on March 8, 2012

Happy International Women’s Day!

We’ve been anticipating the arrival of International Women’s Day for months, and it’s finally here! Celebrations have started all across the globe. No one need feel left out of this special day – the idea is that equality for all is good for everyone, right?

Here are 7 quick ways to celebrate this special day.

1- Send an e-card to people you know to make them aware of the day.

It’s not as well known as Women’s History month is here in the States, and even with a Presidential proclamation, visibility isn’t as high as you might think. Target people who don’t spend much time online – your Twitter friends probably got the memo.

2- Send a tweet to your friends with the hashtag “#IWD.

The purpose of your tweet? Perhaps it’s as simple as reminding them to honor a friend. .

Zero in on your entrepreneurs working at home and tele-commuters – we may know the day of the week but some of us get the date mixed up until around noon. :)

Retweeting this post would work. For example. Hint!

3- Honor a woman you admire.

It may be overwhelming when you attempt to think of honoring all the women you respect in your life — for some of us, that’s half the people we know! Instead, single one out for now and take one manageable but thoughtful action. You could send her a personalized award. Or win her a Guerrilla Mentoring prize. Don’t forget to tell her WHY she inspires you.

You could follow the example of our outgoing editor, Shonali Burke, and write a blog post that is both a tribute and shares valuable information about International Women’s Day too.

Want to honor more women you know but find yourself short on time? Make a list of them, and see step one.

4- Attend an International Women’s Day event.

Some of these take place locally, offline, but there are online events as well – you’re more likely to .

5- Have an honest conversation with friends about the role of women in society.

Of course, we always mean to have honest conversations. Have you noticed lately how there never seems to be time for an in-person, real-time conversation about the things we care most about?

Here’s my challenge to you. Arrange a time to sit down with someone you care about and express your most secret feelings about a controversial topic related to women. The rules – you agree not to judge each other, to completely hear the other person’s viewpoint out, and to start and end the conversation with a one-minute, silent handshake with full eye contact.

There are several reasons for these rules. Planning in advance for the conversation tends to make you think through the thoughts and beliefs you have. Agreeing on non-judgement and listening helps us have show the other person the respect and patience we hope they’ll have with us. The handshake with eye contact connects you without being too intimate.

So often in modern society, we tend to judge without listening, debate without considering whether the other side has a point, and marginalizing people whose viewpoints we don’t share. But if we learn how to have meaningful, civil conversations on uncomfortable topics in small groups without ending our friendships, perhaps we can be braver and more fair about taking these discussions global .

6- Subscribe to your favorite publication about Women Growing Business.


That subscription box over there on the right is looking lonely. Just so you know. And if you’re reading this via email? Forward it to one friend. Click through and share this post online with one person. Or if you’re a blogger, you could grab that stunning image and post it to your blog’s sidebar. For example.

Seriously though, I don’t mean just us. Have a look at our Women in Business list on Twitter where we list some of our favorites publications, resources, and the men and women who share them.

7- Educate Yourself About Women Leaders

The easiest way?

Ask a friend who they admire most as a leader of women. I’ll leave you with a video from the founder of Women Grow Business, Jill Foster, sharing her thoughts about Elizabeth Cady Stanton. (There are some additional great thoughts on her corresponding blog post at Live Your Talk.)

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