Lauree Ostrofsky (@SimplyLeap) Asks #WgBiz Community to #GiveBig

by Guest Contributor on April 27, 2012

020/365 united we stand...
On Monday, April 30th, I want you to join me in giving what you have to give in the biggest way possible.

It’s called #GiveBig and was launched earlier this year.

(There’s another organized effort happening in the Seattle, Washington area on May 2nd as well that coincidentally uses the same hashtag, but we’re talking about a personal, ongoing effort to give.)

So far, I’ve given $1,000 - man, did I love writing that big check – and given a full day of my time that included 15-minute pep talks, texts of moral support and calling my mom to tell her, “I love you.”

That last one is always a good idea, by the way.

This time I want company.

What could your #GiveBig look like?

  • If you’re a good listener, call five people with the express purpose of listening.
  • If there is a cause you believe in, give twice what you’d normally give in time or money.
  • If you normally hug one person each day, hug 10. (Personal favorite.)

Still not sure? Try one of these:

  • Deliberately say something nice to every person in your office.
  • Buy the coffees of three people in line at Starbucks, then do it again.
  • Give someone a chance who needs the help. I hear from A-SPAN that it costs $1,000 to furnish a new home. Hint hint.

You may feel out of your comfort zone. That’s OK. Give a little extra and see what happens. See how it feels for you and how others respond.

I want to hear your #GiveBig ideas, your trepidation, your excitement, and most of all, I want to hear from you on Monday, April 30th.

How will you #GiveBig? 

Creative Commons License Photo by Flickr user Joits.

Lauree Ostrofsky helps you to imagine what’s possible in your life, career and relationships. Identify what you want, get passed what’s holding you back, and make a plan for moving forward. (Hint: It almost always involves hugs.)

Lauree has served more than 12 years as a speaker, author, coach, PR strategist and marketer for high tech companies, start-ups and women-owned businesses. Find her online at http://SimplyLeap.com and @SimplyLeap.

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