The Best Phone Calls I Get to Make All Week

by Joanna Pineda on May 29, 2012

Make the Call
After the launch of every project, I add an item to my to do list: call the CEO and main client contact to say thank you.

These are the best calls I get to make all week and I relish making them. Most times, I don’t get to actually speak with the client so I leave a detailed message to say something along the lines of, “congratulations on the new site, thank you for choosing Matrix Group, it was a pleasure to work with your team, and I’d love feedback on how my team did.”

Sometimes I get a call back, sometimes I don’t. But inevitably, the next time I see that person, they tell how much they enjoyed my message and how nice it was to get a simple thank you message from a vendor and not get solicited.

When i actually get a chance to speak with the CEO or client contact, if they’re really busy, they’re often a little wary. I’m sure they’re thinking, “Why is Joanna calling me? The site’s just launched, what does she need?”

So I quickly say, “I’m calling to congratulate you on the launch of x website and to just say thank you for giving Matrix Group the opportunity to work on this project for you.” It’s amazing what happens next. I end up having a wonderful conversation with the client, I usually get great feedback that I can relay back to m team, and I hear about their plans for the future. Sometimes, these calls turn into more business, but often, they’re just incredibly satisfying touch points with my clients.

My assistant knows to always add these thank you calls to  the top of my call list each week. These calls are great for business and great for my soul.

Creative Commons License Fickr Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Founder/CEO and self-proclaimed Chief Troublemaker of Matrix Group International, Joanna Pineda is known for her visionary big-picture thinking and drive for excellence. Combining her broad liberal arts background and passion for technology, she started Matrix Group in 1999, today a leading interactive agency. As a trusted advisor, Joanna inspires and motivates her clients and employees alike to simply, “be better” with her mantra being: Do or Do Not. There is no try!

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