Sally Falkow (@sallyfalkow) is Our Guest Expert for the June #wgbiz chat

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on June 11, 2012

Sally Falkow Today at noon Eastern, we are delighted to have Sally Falkow of Meritus Media joining us as our guest expert, a 30 year public relations professional and one of the earliest PR professionals to embrace blogging. In 2009, she was awarded PR Trainer of the Year for her social media classes, and is the co- developer of PRESSFeed, a social media newsroom.

More About Sally

Her AdAge 150 blog, the Proactive Report, was one of the first PR blogs in existence, and is still considered one of the top ten PR blogs. Accredited in PR by the Public Relations Society of America, Sally’s accomplishments go far beyond her innovative work introducing PR to the digital world was far back as 1999.

On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sally, and she is a never-ending fountain of knowledge. She manages to stay abreast of developments not just in PR and social media, but in search and marketing. And despite having achieved legend status in the world of PR, she’s quite personable and a joy to interact with, always.

If we didn’t have the Twitter chat at noon Eastern today, I could easily continue writing about Sally for several hours, but we’ll talk more about her vast PR knowledge during the chat, where we”ll be learning “How to Get People to Care About Your News.” You can also read more about Sally here in her Proactve Report about page.

How do you follow The #WgBiz Twitter chats?

  1. Log into TwitterTweetchatTweetgridTweetdeck, or any other Twitter tool that lets you isolate a hashtag.
  2. Follow our Twitter hashtag #wgbiz. (In Twitter you can use the search at the top of the screen, in Tweetchat or Tweetgrid, once you’re logged in, you’ll see an area for you to enter the hashtag at the top of the screen. In Tweetdeck, you can create a column that searches for that hashtag)
  3. Arrive as early as 11:45 a.m. to introduce yourself, send us a link to your site, and share your latest project, as well as to meet the other chatters.
  4. Make sure you’re following the host, in this case me (@wbgiz is the official channel,@Tinu is my personal handle), and featured guest(s) if any, this time around, Sally Falkow @sallyfalkow). This way, you can easily follow the conversation, send questions during the chat, or follow up  later.
  5. Have fun! :) Our twitter chats are meant to be educational, sure, but also lighter fare than a teleconference or webinar.

See you at noon Eastern today!

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