July’s Guest Expert for the #WGBIZ chat is Amy Vernon (@AmyVernon)

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on July 9, 2012

For July’s monthly Women Grow Business chat, we’re excited to have Amy Vernon, digital strategist and the General Manager of Social Marketing for Internet Media Labs. (Our Women Grow Business chats are every second Monday at noon Eastern – yes, today!)

As our guest expert, Amy’s going to be talking to us about Creating and Maintaining Genuine Connections in Social Media. With an extensive background in traditional media, as well as one of the most accomplished and popular digital personalities, she has a unique perspective on what works in social media, as well as the track record to back it up.

It’s sometimes hard to justify calling someone an expert in social media – can people really claim expertise in such a new field, whose rules seem to change so rapidly? Whether or not you can call Amy an expert in social media (I do!), it’s certain that she is an expert in understanding how people interact with media.

More About Amy Vernon

Amy originally started out in journalism in the 1990s. She was a reporter and then an editor who ran social media projects for the newspapers she worked for at the time. Her skills as a social media maven in more recent years got her named to the top lists of  people to follow in social media, by both Mashable and the Huffington Post. She’s been mentioned in Forbes, VentureBeatTime and the New York Times, among other publications.

Amy Vernon is also the top female Digg submitter of all time.

If you’d like to learn more about Amy, she has a blog you can follow for her views on social media news, or pay homage to her as the Bacon Queen.

Or, even better, you can come learn more about her in our chat at noon Eastern, today.

How do you follow The #WgBiz Twitter chats?

  1. Log into TwitterTweetchatTweetgridTweetdeck, or any other Twitter tool that lets you isolate a hashtag.
  2. Follow our Twitter hashtag #wgbiz. (In Twitter you can use the search at the top of the screen, in Tweetchat or Tweetgrid, once you’re logged in, you’ll see an area for you to enter the hashtag at the top of the screen. In Tweetdeck, you can create a column that searches for that hashtag)
  3. Arrive as early as 11:45 a.m. to introduce yourself, send us a link to your site, and share your latest project, as well as to meet the other chatters.
  4. Make sure you’re following the host, in this case me (@wbgiz is the official channel,@Tinu is my personal handle), and featured guest(s) if any, this time around, Amy Vernon @amyvernon). This way, you can easily follow the conversation, send questions during the chat, or follow up  later.
  5. Have fun! :) Our twitter chats are meant to be educational, sure, but also lighter fare than a teleconference or webinar.

See you at noon Eastern today!

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