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by Guest Contributor on August 31, 2012

Getting media coverage from mainstream media or bloggers is one of the most effective ways to grow a business. When influential people say nice things about your business their audience takes notice.  And it carries much more weight than what you say on your own blog or website.

In many ways it has become easier to find and reach these influencers online.

The trick is to deliver  your content the way they want it.

In the last year several excellent studies have revealed exactly what journalists and bloggers want:

  • 26% say they visit a company online newsroom every day and 28% say once a week.
  • 80% say they want images
  • – and 75% are looking for video.

The Web Influencers Survey by D. S. Simon Productions shows that almost 90% of all media websites use video today.


Is Your Company Doing What It Takes to Get Positive Media Coverage?

Does your company website have an up-to-date online newsroom with all the bells and whistles?  According to a survey just released by PRESSfeed, creators of hosted online newsrooms  PR people and company newsrooms are not providing the news content and digital tools journalists and bloggers are asking for.

80% of journalists and bloggers value images that are easily available and ready to use.  They added that an image significantly increases the chances of that news release being used.  Yet only 4% of the PR people polled said they thought images were very important to a journalists and only just over half (56%) routinely add images to their releases and offer a video gallery in their newsroom.

75% of journalists say they want video and 30% of media websites now use externally produced video – up from 10% a year ago.  38% of the PR respondents to the survey said they thought a video gallery was important and the study of the newsroom showed that on average only 39% have a video gallery.

Search Matters Too

One of the biggest surprises in the study is the lack of optimizing news content for search.

The Pew State of the News Media Report names searching for news as the one factor that most influenced the industry in the last decade.  comScore reports that In February 2012, U.S. searchers conducted 371 million news-related searches on search engines and noted that the search behavior differs when on a web search versus a news search.

Yet a study of 500 press releases posted on four major wire services showed that only 14% of the releases were optimized for search. See more of the information revealed in this report in the infographic below.

Click for Embed code from Slideshare to Post This Infographic on Your Site

Images used courtesy of Sally Falkow and PRESSfeed.

Sally Falkow,  is President and co-developer of PressFeed, a social media newsroom platform. Sally is a 30 year public relations professional and one of the earliest PR professionals to embrace blogging. In 2009, she was awarded PR Trainer of the Year for her social media classes, and her AdAge 150 blog, the Proactive Report, was one of the first PR blogs in existence. You can download the full Press Feed 2012 survey mentioned in this article from her site.

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