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by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on August 28, 2012

Network SolutionsYesterday I did a summary of summer posts to our sister blog, Web.commentary. While I’d like to do a summer summary of post from our another sister blog, Grow Smart Biz, there’s simply too many posts to cover everything that happened from June until now.

So instead, I’m going to do an overview of recent posts. Grow Smart Biz is brought to you by the company that hosts our blog and sponsors our community events, Network Solutions, a Web.com company as of late last year.

Let’s get started.

Grow Smart Biz Brings You Small Business News

A frequently updated section of the Grow Smart Biz blog that you may find quite useful is the Web.com Review category. There are too many resources listed there to name, but suffice it to say, it’s got up-to-date data on all kinds of business tools you can use to be more successful.

Speaking of tools, it seems that according to a recent study, it’s in your best interest to give your employees the best tools for their jobs. From the article:

Some two-thirds (65 percent) of employees in the survey say providing employees with current technology is crucial to a company’s success. But less than half (45 percent) say their employer provides up-to-date technology to all its workers.  More than half (53 percent) say that up-to-date technology is essential in order to do their jobs properly. Interestingly, older employees (in the 45 to 65 age range) were more likely than younger workers to say that up-to-date technology was essential both to their jobs and to their employers, and women were more likely to say so than men.

Whether you’re marketing to millennials, or looking to learn how to capture more leads, you’ll find useful marketing tips in Grow Smart Biz as well. If you’ve ever considered the fact that there are enough blog posts in your business blog to fill a book, you might be interested in advice on doing just that.

Here’s one of the tips from How to Move from Blogger to Book Author:

Organize posts by subject

This is a bottom-up approach, in which you organize your already-published blog posts into a book.

Instead of writing your blog posts directly into WordPress, Blogger or Typepad, write them first in a Word document and save them in files organized by subject.  You can even break your files down into smaller files that are more focused.  For example, in your Social Media folder, you can have sub-folders on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.  You can then create chapters or separate books from each sub-folder.

Such a great tip – although make sure you convert Word back to text, html or use Google Docs or some other Word Processor that’s more compatible with WordPress, before you transfer your post for publication online. Despite the Word conversion button, it can still make quite a mess.

Following Grow Smart Biz can also keep you informed of the latest technology trends and research that is relevant to small business. You can learn more about what exactly people use their tablets for, (by demographic I might add) or the growth in use of the mobile internet.

And then of course there’s the business how to articles. Did you know that liquidators can help retail businesses and online stores increase their profit margins? Or how to do a patent search if you invented something? Those two articles give you the skinny.

This concludes the overview of recent posts. Not every published article was summarized, so be sure and stop by the tag cloud at the bottom of the Grow Smart Biz blog and flip through post on your favorite topic.


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