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by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on August 27, 2012

web.comAs you may already know, Women Grow Business is hosted by Network Solutions, a Web.com company.

What you may not realize is that both have regularly updated blogs with articles targeted to small business owners.

About every seven days I’ll be doing a summary of the posts I’ve read on our sister (brother? sibling?) sites.

Let’s start with a round-up of summer posts from web.com’s blog, Web.commentary, since autumn is closing in on us pretty fast. (I tried clicking my heels three times and saying “there’s no place like summer”. It didn’t work. Good thing I love what I do…. but couldn’t we all use one more weekend at the park?)

Off we go.

The first thing that caught my eye – probably because I’m a conference junkie- is that Web.com is having a small business conference live in Boise, Idaho. It’s coming up on September 11 – and it’s free! If you’re a sports lover, you may have noticed earlier this summer that they were one of the sponsors of the PGA Tour – oh, sorry the Web.com tour – this June.

If I was making moves like that, I probably would just talk about myself incessantly. It’s kind of a big deal.

Instead, the Web.Commentary blog went right back to publishing small business articles about things like why you need mobile advertising, or tips on QR Codes.

Of particular interest to me was the idea of using an answering service to expand your business. I have one and it really has been helping. If your phone is ringing off the hook it’s something to consider.

Looking for some search advice? Missing news about AdWords?

The Web.commentary blog has several articles on Google, Google+ and lesser known Google properties that can help, including one on using comparison engines to sell your products – a bit off the beaten path of small business tips.

We recently published an article about how to have more women speaking at conferences. Here’s another that explains why speaking at conferences helps you grow your customer base.

Once you’ve attended the conference, you’ll likely be looking to close the sales leads you get. You’ll also need a way to collect them, which is just one way autoresponders can help with when expanding your business. Speaking of tools for B2B – don’t forget about Facebook.

That wraps the summer overview – I haven’t covered all the articles on the Web.Commentary blog, so be sure to skim along the right sidebar and browse through your favorite topic while you’re there.

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