6 Women in Business Resources (Now with Infographics & Slides)

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on August 17, 2012

It’s Friday, so I’m back again with a collection of intriguing resources I’ve recently run into. There are a couple that are older than this past week because I forgot to include them last time around.

Women In Business Resource #1 – Ann Handley? She’s Not Impressed

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, co-founder of Clickz, Author, Women Grow Business community member, and generally awesome person, is now a meme-dominator.  Her deck was chosen for the front page of Slideshare.

Better to show you why than to tell you.


Women In Business Resource #2 – Sally Falkow Fills In the Media Blanks

Sally Falkow,  President of PressFeed, Women Grow Business guest expert & community member and all-around PR Legend has revealed an eye-opening study that reveals the gap between what journalists who write stories about businesses want, and what small business owners and PR Pros end up delivering.

She’s got an article coming out here about it in the next few days, and another community member, Gini Dietrich has written about it already.

For a quick visual preview, have a peek at the infographic pictured below.


Women In Business Resource #3 - Spirited Women of Baltimore Awards and Power Luncheon Recap

Alas, my schedule doesn’t allow me to attend all the wonderful local events for women in business and female executives, such as the Spirited Women of Baltimore Awards Luncheon. I can only jealously attempt to hide my tragic case of FOMO, a serious condition affecting many event junkies with an acute Fear of Missing Out on all the great stuff that happens in the area.

Unless of course the event organizer, Monyka Berrocosa, writes a great recap of said missed event, like the one at MyCity4Her (@mycity4her). Thanks Monyka!


Women In Business Resource #4 – Little Pink Book’s Upcoming Fall Event


Little Pink Book‘s 8th Annual Fall Empowerment Event is happening November 13th at the Atlanta History Center. You can register on on Eventbrite.

Women In Business Resource #5 – Top 30 Women in Social According to Social Apps HQ

Arguably, the honor of being listed on one of the “tops lists” on the web varies according to the publication, and even how knowledgeable the specific author is who compiles the list. Still, it’s hard not to be excited when

  1. you agree with most of the names on the list
  2. and you see so many accomplished peers recognized.

One of those recognized was this publication’s founding editor, Jill Foster, of Live Your Talk. Congratulations, Jill!

Women In Business Resource #6 – More Infographics Celebrating Women Business Owners from OPEN

This week OPEN Forum featured several women in business infographics for their series celebrating Women Business Owners featuring founding female business leaders.

From the article:

This week, we talked to four outstanding women in order to understand how they transformed a great idea into a booming business. Find more profiles of successful women entrepreneurs at openforum.com/women.

Some of these ladies will be also be interviewed by Mashable on August 21.


More Women In Business Resources Next Time

That’s all we have for this week, and it looks like we’re gearing up to have this as a weekly feature.

Next week we’ll feature Twitter lists, along with recent community member news. As always, if you have contributions, feel free to share them on the Women Grow Business Facebook page – respecting the rules laid out last week, of course.

Have a great weekend!

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