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by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on September 14, 2012

As you may already know, Women Grow Business is hosted by Network Solutions, a Web.com company.

What you may not realize is that both have regularly updated blogs with articles targeted to small business owners.

About every seven days I’ll be doing a summary of the posts I’ve read on our sibling sites.

As discussed during our summer round-up, the first in a series of Small Business forums presented by Web.com occurred this past Tuesday, to what I’m guessing aren’t their first batch of  rave reviews about web.com. (Once again, see above, I am ever so slightly biased on this point. :) )

They’ve posted a great round-up of tweets from the Inaugural Web.com Small Business forum event in Boise Idaho. Whether or not you were able to attend the event, the recent posts on designing a converting web site and the tips on marketing your site should prove helpful.

Speaking of marketing, I’m sure no one is surprised by the news that the iPhone 5 has been released. Along with the discussion on Web.com came some reflection on what makes Apple’s products such a big hit in their sub-niche that “people pre-order it — sight unseen” – to the point that the pre-order stock sold out in record time. If nothing else, there are great lessons you can learn from Apple.

If you’re thinking about putting the iPhone or a similar smart phone on your Christmas gift list, don’t forget to gear up your shop for the holiday season. Even if your business doesn’t have products that fit the holiday niche, it’s smart to take advantage of the extra traffic to the web coming from people who rarely use it any other time of year.

Two things may be able to help your business with that – harnessing the power of memes, and building links with bloggers. While a recent infographic about the status of small business shows them to be thriving, and a recent Gallup poll shows that small business owners are as satisfied as they were in 2008, you can always create more opportunities for growth for yourself by leveraging the resources available to you on the web. Admittedly, I tend to feel less stress related to a lull in business when I know there are things I can do to course correct, so to speak.

That wraps this overview – I haven’t covered all the articles on the Web.Commentary blog, so be sure to skim along the right sidebar and browse through your favorite topic while you’re there.

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