Women Grow Business Chat Series Welcomes CrowdFunding Guest Expert Dr. Letitia Wright

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on September 10, 2012

Dr. Letitia Wright, Crowdfunding Your BusinessFor this September’s Women In Business Twitter chat, we are honored to have community member Dr. Letitia Wright (@DrWright1), who is one of the leading crowd-funding experts for small business owners. She’s agreed to teach us about Crowdfunding for Business.

Crowdfunding for Business? That’s a Thing?

I was as surprised as you are. When we think of this relatively new concept of crowdfunding, we tend to think of creative projects such funding a film. But as I recently learned from Dr. Wright, there are all types of projects and business endeavors being funded by passionate crowds of communities.

Now are there hundreds of sites dedicated to many different types of projects, including starting a business or getting a business project started. However, it’s not as simple as throwing up a Kickstarter page and asking for money. I’m sure you’ve heard about projects that don’t get funded. To avoid those and other potentially messy situations, it’s good practice to be advised by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Of course, everyone knows that I’m personally invested in the success of members of our community, and will do any appropriate thing in my power to promote those community members who truly participate, rather than just toot their own horns. For our chats, I am much more exacting in who I present to you as an expert.

They need to have wisdom and topical experience, as well as the trust of reputable third parties for me to feel I’ve done my due diligence in presenting them to you as a person to look to for help.

More About Dr. Wright

As a crowd funding expert Dr. Wright teaches workshops for the Small Business Administration. She has  crowdfunded a book on crowdfunding, and helped to raised $40,000 via crowdfunding in the first half of 2012 alone.  Letitia Wright also maintains a website about creating a crowdfunded life, and holds a monthly crowd funding mastermind, as well as private workshops.

Before she added crowdfunding expertise to her expansive business knowledge, Letitia was already a media expert with the fastest-growing business show on television, airing in Southern California. In its 12th season, The Wright Place TV Show regularly broadcasts to an audience of over 6.5 million homes. She’s also a speaker, author, director and producer, who recently directed Brian Tracy in “The Journey Movie”, and was producer of “Power of Mentorship – The Movie” with Bob Proctor.

We’ll be talking more with Dr. Letitia Wright in today’s chat at noon Eastern. Here’s a short video introduction to Crowd Funding from her.


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See you there!

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