Hurricane Business Preparedness – Do You Have a Plan for #Sandy?

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Approaching the East CoastWith all the excitement surrounding Hurricane Sandy, I began to wonder what resources exist to help businesses prepare for hurricanes or recover afterwards. Here’s a quick list of what I found.

Hurricane Business Preparedness Resources

Ready.gov has a section dedicated to helping your business plan for a hurricane.

Among their suggestions is to have a workplace plan in place, and there’s information on the site to help you develop one. While it may be a little late for medium or large businesses to put one together, you can take note of what you did this time around and what you may have forgotten to do for next time.

And micro-businesses that are comprised of less than 5 people may still have time to coordinate before the storm hits on Monday night.

The FEMA website has a list of tips and articles to help you protect your property or business from a natural disaster, which of course includes hurricanes and high winds, with handy PDFs you can save to your computer for future reference.

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety has a site called Disaster Safety which exists to reduce loss from disasters. In their business resources area, they have an interactive guide to help you build your plan online, instead of filling out forms. The basic version is available to all, and goes over things from vulnerability assessment to employee awareness.

Whether this storm turns out to be much ado about nothing for the U.S. east coast, or it lives up to the name “Frankenstorm”, here’s hoping you’ll be safe and sound as Sandy passes through the area. There’s a Facebook page collecting general Hurricane Sandy resources- drop them a link if you have something to share. And if you find any additional resources for businesses that I’ve overlooked, please add them in the comments.

Creative Commons License Animation of Hurricane Sandy approaching the East coast, and the picture above both courtesy of the  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  Flickr account.

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