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by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on October 17, 2012

As you may already know, Women Grow Business is hosted by Network Solutions, a Web.com company.

What you may not realize is that both have regularly updated blogs with articles targeted to small business owners.

About every seven days (assuming there are enough posts to warrant a summary) I’ll be doing a round-up of the posts I’ve read on our sibling sites.

Before we get started, I just want to make sure you’re aware that the Jacksonville edition of the Web.com Small Business forum takes place tomorrow. It’s going to be a great event, and as we previously mentioned, there are some great perks being given to every attendee. I mean, besides gaining knowledge about how to make your website better, or include Facebook and Twitter in your marketing plan.

Have you ever wondered how to get inside your customer’s head to find out what they want to know when they’re looking to buy? Or maybe how many other websites exist besides yours? Curious about what social media book you should read next?  If so, it’s a good idea to subscribe to web.commentary – these are all topics they’ve covered in recent days.

Whether it’s learning the basics of Twitter marketing, or getting the highlights of the iPhone 5 launch, you’ll get plenty of relevant news and information to help you market your business on the web.

There’s also a great story about a local Jacksonville business owner named Karen, who is running an online business that shows ways families can save money.

And did you know about the rise of the Gen Y independent worker? This was fascinating to me because I had an informal discussions with a couple of economists and a historian where we explored the idea of whether the state of the current economy is perhaps a turn back to the era when having a business was as common as working for someone else.

Marketing for Halloween? If it hadn’t occured to you because your business isn’t seasonal, or related in any way to costumes, candy or Halloween in general, you may be surprised by some of the tips the article has for how small businesses can seize the opportunity. They’re all fun ideas that would make even the most promotion-leery business owner think twice about holiday-related tactics for exposure.

My favorite article in this update was the one about Intellectual Property Strategy. Entrepreneurs often realize that we have intellectual property that needs to be protected, but aren’t sure what to do next. This article, as well as the one it links to, gives you a starting point.

That wraps this overview – I haven’t covered all the articles on the Web.Commentary blog, so be sure to skim along the right sidebar and browse through your favorite topic while you’re there.

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