20 Rocking Social Web Tips Featuring Top Women Experts from @TopRank

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on November 27, 2012

25 Women Who Rock Social Media by TopRank

About a month ago, you may remember me shamelessly bragging about being named to TopRank‘s list of 25 Women Who Rock Social Media.  This month, They’ve  followed this up with a free ebook featuring advice from the women who rocked social media, as well as the  Top Rank team.

Here’s a little about the ebook, so you can see why it’s worth reading:

With social media success comes the opportunity to share lessons learned, insights and advice for others that seek to earn their way into the social media rockstar hall of fame.  In October we recognized a group of social media smart women who are each rocking the social web in their own way. Their social songs are heard around the world, inspiring people and businesses to be better, to do more.

We’ve taken the next step and created this Visual eBook of tips from 10 of those social media rockstars and included 10 of our own to give you equal doses of inspiration and tactical – practical social media marketing advice.

How to Follow Up with the Female Marketing Experts and Their Social Web Tips

One of the great things about this list is that it includes women respected for something other than just their social media knowledge. Even those whose specialty is social media are also known for being strategists, trainers, authors, business executives or business owners.  

The following is a list of the women featured, stolen directly from the TopRank blog, with links to their Twitter profiles, so you can ask them questions about their advice to you.

  1. Amy Porterfield
  2. Andrea Vahl
  3. Connie Bensen
  4. Deanna Zandt
  5. Ekaterina Walter
  6. Kandace Hudspeth
  7. Lauren Salazar
  8. Leslie Bradshaw
  9. Lisa Barone
  10. Tinu Abayomi-Paul (Yep. Yours truly is humbly honored to be included.)

Your Free Copy of TopRank’s “20 Ways to Rock the Social Web”

Oh, did I not mention that you can get a free copy of this visual ebook, below? Or that on the day of its debut it was featured on the front page of Slideshare?

Because, yeah. Both those things. Here you are.


Did you like it? Please share it. The folks at Top Rank did an excellent job putting this together. Be sure to stop by the TopRank Marketing Blog and subscribe if you’re pleased with the results.

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