5 Ways to Say Thank You to Veterans (Especially Women Veterans)

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on November 12, 2012

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It’s alarming how difficult it is to find unique ways to contribute to resources for women veterans online, even on Veteran’s Day (or technically, the day we observe the day when it falls on a weekend). (And yes, women veterans are a thing.)

That’s not to say these resources don’t exist, thankfully.

Just that they’re a bit harder to find ways to help outside donating money. Googling “resources for female veterans”, gives you a great head start, but I have to thank Patricia Frame and Ify Nwabuje, from the Women Grow Business community, for their ongoing help and resourcefulness.

Inspired by an article in the Huffington Post, I wanted to find more ways to thank veterans, particularly women. The idea was to highlight ways to give to the veterans community through volunteering or other actions that people without a lot of money to spare could do to make a difference.

Here’s what I found.

5 Ways to Say Thank You to Veterans (Including Women Veterans)

Of course, regardless of our individual views on war, those of us who want to find a way to thank veterans who serve the United States in times or war or peace want to thank ALL veterans. But given that this is a resource for women in business, finding some that are particularly inclusive of women makes sense.

#1 – You Could Just Say Thank You

When I meet veterans I don’t know, I say “thank you for your service.” When I see veterans I do know, I hug them. Some would suggest attending a parade, and Patricia even mentions in an article how veterans are often uniquely qualified as job candidates.

However you do so, it’s free and it only takes a moment. Think of the last time someone thanked you for what you do for the world – you can give that feeling to someone else.

#2- From the Huffington Post Article – Be a Mentor.

The article about showing gratitude to female veterans focused on one method: mentoring through a site called Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Plus™. There you can sign up to be a mentor, share your business expertise, or enroll as a business offering job opportunities.

#3 – Volunteer

Organizations like American Women Veterans need volunteers for everything from writers to event coordinators. If you also want to do something that sounds official, the US Department of Veterans Affairs accept volunteers too.

#4- Donate Goods

Soldier On, which among other things, provides homeless female veterans with housing, has a list of items on the wish lists of the men and women to which they provide assistance. Got a car that it’s too expensive to fix, but too old to sell? You can donate it to veterans.

Or if you have a lot of things you want to pass along, have someone come pick them up from your home to be given to Vietnam Veterans of America.

#5- Donate Money

Not all of us are in a position to do so. But if you are, think about donating to any of the organizations mentioned, or to places like:

In the end, how you give isn’t as important as the fact THAT you give, or find some way to express your gratitude.

 Creative Commons License Flickr image via The U.S. Army

I’ve done everything I can to be sure that all these links go to legitimate organizations, but please do your due diligence anyway.

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