Is There a War on Women?

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on November 7, 2012

 The War on Women: Political Hot Button Or Universal Issue?

Medieval Lady

When I first became engrossed in this project from the RAD Campaign, I admit that I struggled with how to frame the discussion around it. It’s an issue I care about, which made me want to be very careful. It’s easy to make the mistake of presenting one’s views as fact on an impassioned issue.

On the one hand, wage inequality in America is just a fact – there was an act signed into law regarding fair pay for women at the start of the current president’s first term.

But there are other issues addressed in this infographic that some would argue are not universal to the modern women, such as the existing discourse around topics like abortion.

And whether I agree or disagree with those notions does not make the other party in the discussion right or wrong.

Perhaps I am naive in thinking that quaint ideas like journalistic integrity still matter in this day and age. However, I think it’s important not to use the platform one is graciously given to speak on behalf of a community to dictate to them what their political ideology should be, especially if you’re unable to give equal time to the opposing viewpoint.

Of course I also favor the idea of the social pendulum swinging back towards reality, particularly where social discourse is concerned, such that I believe it’s unrealistic not to be biased when writing about an issue that concerns you. And since it’s impossible to have trust without truth, the key is to admit the prejudice and attempt as much objectivity as possible.

The War on Women Certainly Feels Real to Those Polled

Upon closer examination of the infographic, and an engrossing read by the head of the RAD Campaign, Allyson Kapin, I realized that

So if the representative sample of people believe it, if both men and women perceive it, and if it’s not an issue that’s exclusive to one part of the population – is the war on women real? The facts seem to support it, as you’ll see in the infographic below. Be sure to go to the original site to see the nifty animations and click through the supporting links.

Ironically, inset photo is courtesy of Flickr user Nathan Rupert

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