CNN Leading Women section Wants to Know Your Professional Plans for 2013 #LWresolutions

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on December 13, 2012

CNN Leading Women Asks: What Are Your Professional New Year’s Resolutions?

CNN Leading Women

For many people it’s a yearly ritual – new year, better me.

Totally engrossed with this concept, I researched it last year. I found that though there’s a high probability that most of us will break at least one of our resolutions, some research shows that the very act of making them has intrinsic benefits [pdf].

(Although the commonly referenced Harvard/Yale Study is a myth, the university research cited in the PDF from Dominican University suggests that writing down your goals/resolutions does, in fact, have an impact.)

Which makes it the information the CNN Leading Women section is gathering that much more intriguing. From their query yesterday entitled Women: How do you plan to get ahead at work in 2013?:

Career advisers tell women to be more forward in asking for promotions, pay rises and extra responsibility; to find a mentor; to join a networking group and to accept praise more readily.

Will these steps help overhaul your career in 2013? Or do you have a different way of achieving your goals?

Tell us your professional New Year’s resolutions through the comments box below or using the Twitter hashtag #LWresolutions

By participating we can continue this international dialogue that is taking place about women in business and their career goals, whether that refers to the C-level female executive or a woman small business owner. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, here’s how to participate.

How to add to the CNN Leading Women career resolutions hashtag

  1. Sign up for a free Twitter account. 
  2. Twitter uses hashtags to help people find information. For this you’ll need to use the Leading Women resolution hashtag-  #LWresolutions. If you load that page you’ll see the results of other people including it, exactly as written, in their Twitter posts.
  3. Create a 110 – 120 character sentence that describes your career-related resolution using the #LWresolutions hashtag. (You’ll want to leave 14 spaces for the hashtag and some extra space in case someone else wants to share your statement with other people and reference your Twitter handle.)

I’d also monitor the hashtag to learn what other women in business are saying – they may give you ideas to help your situation that you hadn’t thought of yet. Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to take some action. Or you could connect to someone you can follow up with offline in some mutually beneficial arrangement.

And of course, since writing down your goals may prove to be beneficial, you may have killed two birds with one stone.

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