Highlights from TEDxWomen Adams Morgan #TEDxAdMo #TEDxWomen [pics &video]

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on December 11, 2012

TEDxWomen in Adams Morgan was a wonderful experience.

Of course I have to admit a bias.

We had  not one but two Women Grow Business community members represented.

Shonali Burke of Waxing Unlyrical, our out-going editor gave a riveting speech, as did Nicolette Pizzitola. As you probably already know, she was one of the co-sponsors and co-hosts of our last Women Grow Business live event, as well as our most recent guest expert in our monthly Twitter chat series.

(WGB was also represented at the TEDxWomen MassAve event but by the time I realized, tickets were sold out.)

The TEDxWomen Adams Morgan event took place a week ago Saturday, but due to a lack of wifi -and the event taking place in an area of the building with spotty 3g/4G access- there wasn’t as much social activity as one would normally associate with a TEDx event.

Since social media is usually what I use to compile a full view of events of this nature from multiple vantage points, I had to wait to get my own video edited and uploaded, or for enough material to appear to make a post worth your while.

Now that there’s video from every speech made at TedxWomen Adams Morgan available from their YouTube channel, as well as from the main TEDxWomen event, there’s enough of a variety of content for me to compile to Storify document, which I’ve embedded below. If you’re viewing this via syndication or email and can’t view the embed, please click through to the site.

In a way though, the lack of steady web access was refreshing. There are many times when I cover events as I go using social media, or even pen and paper, thinking that I’ll misquote someone or miss something along the way. It’s not like the experience I have when I go just to simply experience an event.

With this I was able to catch the explanation for why TEDxWomen Adams Morgan decided to have men speak that day. It’s a controversial choice apparently, one I found mostly intriguing, but for them, warranted an explanation during the program. A pretty good explanation I might add, as you’ll see from the video coverage below or the included reference to their blog post in the links section.

In addition to the ability to make comments below, if you use Twitter, please share your comments using the #TEDxWomen, #wgbiz, or #TEDxAdmo hashtags so we can expand the discussion beyond our own group. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.


Highlights from TEDxWomen Adams Morgan #tedxadmo #tedxwomen

We were lucky enough this year to have two of our own Women Grow Business community members speak at TEDxWomen Adams Morgan, Nicolette Pizzitola and former Women Grow Business editor Shonali Burke.

Storified by Tinu Abayomi-Paul · Tue, Dec 11 2012 07:45:10

Prologue and Introductions

We re getting ready for our #tedxadmo event! Cecilia from @witsendpuppets will be welcoming you! http://yfrog.com/gza5bnbjTEDxAdamsMorganWomen
I still remember how excited I was about this event. It takes a lot for me to venture out to DC on a Saturday. But two of our Women Grow Business community members were speaking, and one of them was kicking things off!
Since the venue did not provide wifi and I had to rely on AT&T on my iPad and T-mobile on my phone, in an area of the building that didn’t have great coverage for ANY carrier, there weren’t as many tweets and pictures in the stream to rely on as there usually are at these events.
So, when we didn’t have Twitter comments, there wasn’t as much material to include in this summary besides pictures and comments tweeted later. I’ve supplemented each speaker’s section with a link to their site, ( their bio page if I could find it) and the video that has just published to the TedxAdamsMorgan YouTube channel. 
There’s also a section near the end, dedicated to the TEDxWomen live stream, which we saw during the second half of the event, and also have full YouTube access, as you’ll see below.
Speakers are here(!) @nicpiz and Karen are gearing up for #TEDx #tedxadmo #TEDxWomen – gonna be a great day http://pic.twitter.com/ddmfiVX7Jill Foster
Speakers and Artists – TEDxAdamsMorganWomenKaren Dolan – Karen Dolan is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C. Since joining IPS in 1996, Karen’s public sc…
George Koch is here! #tedxadmo http://pic.twitter.com/eYcfyW4bTEDxAdamsMorganWomen
We’re getting ready! Here’s our of our awesome speakers, @tina4freedom! #tedxadmo #tedxwomen http://pic.twitter.com/wlopDQG3TEDxAdamsMorganWomen
Picasa Web Albums – Tinu Abayomi-PaulPicasa Web Albums
Kety Esquivel at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
Picasa Web Albums – Tinu Abayomi-PaulPicasa Web Albums
Suzanne Turner at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
#tedxadmo Good afternoon! From director of the Sitar Arts Center. Great place. Gonna donate. http://pic.twitter.com/jSF2V0O2Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Maureen Dwyer at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
Picasa Web Albums – Tinu Abayomi-PaulPicasa Web Albums

Nicolette Pizzitola

Pic: @nicpiz takes the stage. She was a great way to set the tone at #TEDx #tedxadmo for #TEDxWomen weekend. http://pic.twitter.com/5pMkIk40Jill Foster
Nicolette Pizzitola at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
"My ability to connect and communicate had always been there… building the woman I wanted to be." @NicPiz #tedxadmo #tedxwomenTEDxAdamsMorganWomen
Life, Business, Career & Success Coach – Nicolette PizzitolaCompass Point Associates is a professional coaching and consulting firm offering personal, life and career coaches for individuals, execu…

Shonali Burke

The venue had no wifi, so we were all relying on the spotty coverage on our own devices, which at this point meant fewer tweets during Shonali’s riveting speech. I took a ton more pictures of Shonali but none of them came out as well as I hoped. I’ll throw a filter on one and update later if I find some good ones.
Shonali Burke at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
Shonali Burke, Waxing UnLyrical"Who is Shonali Burke, ABC"? Since late 2008, I’ve been an " agency of one," helping organizations large and small turn their corporate c…

Tina Frundt

#tedxadmo Telling us about trafficking of children in America, and her experiences growing up in foster care. http://pic.twitter.com/NnpFhZgeTinu Abayomi-Paul
Tina Frundt at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
Home PageCheck out http://courtneyshouse.org! Home Page

Karen Dolan

#tedxadmo Learning about the space between the curb and the road http://pic.twitter.com/oO6qAu7hTinu Abayomi-Paul
Karen Dolan at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
On her personal story of experiences with MS "What makes us vulnerable is what makes us beautiful." @karendolan #tedxadmo #tedxwomenTEDxAdamsMorganWomen
RT @karendolan Honored 2 hv been a part of #tedxAdMo #TedxWomen today. Tx 2 every1 involved! @tedtalks //Thank you for your inspired talk!Kety Maria Esquivel
RT @karendolan Honored 2 hv been a part of #tedxAdMo #TedxWomen today. Tx 2 every1 involved! @tedtalks //Thank you for your inspired talk!Kety Maria Esquivel
The TeamFounding Editor: Barbara Ehrenreich, acclaimed journalist, author and Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, has worked with her IPS…

David Deal

Listening to ideas about servant leadership #tedxadmo http://pic.twitter.com/H8hGNlajTinu Abayomi-Paul
We’ve optimized business process at the expense of being personal. #tedxadmo http://pic.twitter.com/jxKC8c9RTinu Abayomi-Paul
#tedxadmo But Social entrepreneurship also shows us that all hope is not lost http://pic.twitter.com/vlrWQ2BQTinu Abayomi-Paul
David Deal at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
Community IT Innovators – David DealDavid Deal

Sarahi Uribe

Lost #tedxadmo pic. Need to purge my iPad http://pic.twitter.com/825zZEoKTinu Abayomi-Paul
Sarahi Uribe at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
Sarahi UribeSarahi Uribe – .Sarahi Uribe is on NDLON. Join NDLON today to interact and connect with Sarahi Uribe .

George Koch

Another Lost #tedxadmo pic -blurry George Koch of @artomatic http://pic.twitter.com/jbKxurSTTinu Abayomi-Paul
George Koch at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
ArtomaticArtomatic creates community, builds audience and expands economic development by transforming available space into a playground for artis…

Prerna Lai

Prerna Lal at TEDx Adams Morgan Women 2012tedxtalks
AboutI am a queer Fiji-Indian (Pacific Islander of South Asian descent) and currently a third-year law student at The George Washington Univer…

In-between and Afterwards

Puppet heads waiting to be finished at #tedxadmo http://pic.twitter.com/Ufys8JkNWit’s End Puppets
Meet Professor Columbia, Juliet and Granny Smith from #tedxadmo! http://pic.twitter.com/GxSr8cO1Wit’s End Puppets
Puppets and #TEDxAdMo? http://bit.ly/TuLddO #dcTEDxAdamsMorganWomen
We had a successful event thanks to @yodersa @SuzTurner @AmandaGSzabo and @KetyE #tedxadmo http://yfrog.com/oe9rlnqjTEDxAdamsMorganWomen


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Here’s the TEDxWomen Playlist on YouTube
Angela Patton at TEDxWomen 2012tedxtalks
TEDxWomen (TEDxWomen) on TwitterInstantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
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More Links More Fun

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