TODAY Noon ET – Building a Business That Reflects You Featuring Nicolette Pizzitola (@nicpiz)

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on December 10, 2012

This December, we are honored to have Nicolette Pizzitola as our guest expert on the critical topic of How to Create a Business That Reflects You, especially on such short notice.

(Those of you who read the summary of our last chat may remember that we had another  guest planned but she had to reschedule for January.)

To participate, all you have to do is meet us here at noon Eastern today, or if you’re familiar with Twitter, log in and follow the #wgbiz hashtag.

Whether you

  • currently own a business,
  •  have just started one
  • or are just thinking about it,

- it’s never too early or too late to turn a venture that simply pays the bills into one that is more aligned to your life’s purpose. Not everyone may be able to create the ideal work situation – but if it’s possible, why not give it a shot?

Towards that end, Nicolette Pizzitola will be here to guide our journey, and we are lucky and excited to have her.

More About Nicolette Pizzitola

Nicolette Pizzitola has been a member of the Women Grow Business community since its inception.  She’s the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Compass Point Associates,  leading a coaching and consulting firm which helps business owners and executives alike define what success means to them, and carve out  a satisfying professional identity.

If you’ve ever felt that you were losing your personal voice in the office, or working away from your original vision, Nicolette is the person you would talk to in order to get back on track. She is THE person to talk to if you want to figure out how to have success in your career on your own terms.

Nicolette has served in public and investor relations, marketing and communications roles for prominent brands, which include:

  • The City of New York
  • Time Warner
  • The National Institutes for Health
  • HBO
  • The National Council for International Health
  • the Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • The Goddard Space Flight Center
  •  The Centers for Disease Control
  • Stanton Crenshaw Public Relations
  • Field Fresh Farms

As a career strategist, Nicolette also teaches career management strategies at The George Washington University School of Business. And in 2013 Nicolette will launch Third Person Manifesto (3PM), a resource for individuals to explore, engage and enact change in their lives and communities.

At TEDxWomen Adams Morgan, I had the opportunity to hear her speak, an illuminating experience – you won’t have to take my word for it as I’ll have clips later on in the week.

You may yet get to hear her speak live, as Nicolette frequently speaks and lectures to academic institutions, corporations and associations. If you are in any way unfulfilled with the work you’re doing, you’ll want to attend our chat today.

On a personal note, Nicolette has helped me build a new path from a highly visible and entrenched career path, taking the things I love about what I do, and helping me to build in a direction I find more fulfilling. I’d personally recommend her to anyone who has a major life incident that makes them question if they’re on the right path, but has no clue how to correct course and still thrive.

To be reminded when upcoming chats are approaching, including this one, sign up for free on our Eventbrite page, where you can also get the event added to your calendar after signing up.  The guests may vary or change at the last moment but the dates will always be the same.

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  4. Make sure you’re following the host, in this case me (@wgbiz is the official channel, while @Tinu is my personal handle), and featured guest(s) – in this case  Nicolette Pizzitola (@nicpiz) . This way, you can easily follow the conversation, send questions during the chat, or follow up  later.
  5. Have fun! :) Our free twitter chats are meant to be educational, sure, but also lighter fare than a teleconference or webinar.

See you there!

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