Summary of Our #wgbiz Chat with Nicolette Pizzitola (@nicpiz) on Building a Business That Reflects You

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on December 18, 2012

Women in Business Want More Fulfilling Careers

#wgb TwitterchatWhether we’ve created businesses or climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder, women in business in the WGB community have made it clear: we yearn for our businesses to reflect us.

And so it was just our luck that when our expected chat guest had to reschedule, several synchronous events granted us the miracle of a spot in Nicolette Pizzitola‘s schedule on incredibly short notice.

It used to be that even with planning, we dared not hope for a crowd the size of the one we got when Nicolette joined us. For a chat where we gave barely any notice and no reminders that we’d still be having it, we got an impressive number of both regular attendees and new people.

Our 315 tweets reached 221,716 people with 1,443,831 impressions via 36 contributors. In terms of our participant vs potential lurker ratio, that’s quite a good mix. That’s more than I used to get when I first took over the chat – and that was with much toil and promotion.

Get Nicolette Pizzitola’s Advice For Keeps

I was truly honored to be interviewing Nicolette. She is a wise person with incredible insights about career strategy. If you’ve ever sat and wondered how to get from where your career is now, to a place that seems impossible, she’s the person to talk to – I can attest to that personally.

Here’s the most retweeted thought that Nicolette shared.

Goodness me, how true is that? Were you influenced in high school or college by what was “practical” or what your parents said, or what your career counselor thought was the best track for you?

It’s not that these people should be ignored. Just not at the expense of our own life goals. And yet, who ever teaches us that? How many of us think work is something you’re supposed to hate?

She went on to share this gem:

If you’d like to benefit from the full scope of Nicolette’s wisdom that afternoon, you simply MUST download our free PDF record of the chat. It’s available on the web and in Excel format too, so you can sort the archive in reverse chronological order.

Another fun thing to do is to follow the people whose answers, questions and comments struck you as interesting during the chat. We have a lot of accomplished, intelligent and powerful women in our community, whose humility and kindness may not betray their greatness to you. Take a moment to connect to at least one new person.

Who knows where it might lead.

Attend the Next Women Grow Business Chat, Live

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  5. Have fun! :) Our free twitter chats are meant to be educational, sure, but also lighter fare than a teleconference or webinar.

See you next time when our special guests will of course be the guest we were expecting for this month. None other than our outgoing editor and pioneer of our Twitter hashtag and monthly Twitter chat, Shonali Burke.

She really will be here.

I promise this time.

Pinky swear.

We also have still have another unconfirmed guest who we hope will join myself and Shonali live on video! It’s a surprise – the first person to guess correctly in the comments below will win a prize that we’ll give out that day. You have to be present to get your prize though!

Stay tuned to the blog for updates

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