Updated! 5 Things You Need to Know for xPotomac on Monday #xpotomac

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on February 22, 2013

xpotomacx225xPotomac is happening on Monday, February 25, starting at 8:30 am. There are still a handful of tickets available.

If you missed our announcement about the xPotomac conference, it’s a gathering limited to 120 registrants and 8 speakers, where the focus is on the intersection of digital and business.

Hopefully you’ve already got your ticket and you’re ready to go. Here are a few helpful tips you may need on Monday. Some of these are in the “Digital Agenda for xPotomac” email that was sent out to registered attendees this morning, and I’ve included a few extra items and details, just in case.

The Venue

xPotomac is being held at The Source Theatre at 14th and T in NW DC. The nearest subway station is, naturally, U Street, which is on the green/yellow line. If you need to know what time the next train is coming, pull up this mobile-friendly realtime arrival link.

The full street address is 1835 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009.

The Rules of the Onsite Wifi

There will be wifi provided free of charge. Just remember that if you must shoot video, you need to use your own wireless to upload – and there’s no video streaming on the shared wifi!

According to the Digital Agenda (which will also be handed out Monday morning if you need a paper copy), “The Source wifi password is flashpointdc1” – I’m assuming we’ll find out which wifi to select when we arrive, or that there’s only one open to the conference.

The Twitter Stuff – Hashtag and Handles

The hashtag for the event is xPotomac. I have no idea how we’ll all remember that, but we can try…

Seriously, short, sweet, obvious, hat tip to the organizers for making it easy on us!

Here’s a direct link to the realtime flow of tweets from the hashtag – sometimes elusive in various Twitter apps. And if you’re following along and don’t have Twitter, I find it’s easiest to watch from the Tweetchat link.

Here are all the moderator and speaker handles.

Those were all stolen directly from the Digital Agenda. Even though we’ll have hard copies available, it’s nice to be able to cut and paste from somewhere. And of course, the handle of the conference itself is also @xpotomac.

Editor’s note: I just realized that I did not include Geoff Livingston’s handle. Rectified!

The Weather Forecast

Maybe it seems like an odd thing to include, however I figure I’m not the only one who dresses for whatever the weather is like when I’m leaving the house, only to find out the rest of the day makes my outfit, or what’s covering it, irrelevant.

Or forgets to check the weather, steps out in a perfectly professional outfit, only to find that I’ll have to change the entire thing in five minutes unless I feel like freezing to death.

According to the Weather’s Channel’s forecast for 20009 on Monday, the high temperature will be 48 degrees and partly cloudy. (Update: new forecast says 49 degrees and mostly sunny! Hope that turns out to be right.)

Well there you go. Now all you have to do is make sure your devices are charged, and show up!

If you’re coming, let me know in the comments so I can save you a seat near the front when I get there ridiculously early. See you Monday!

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