DEADLINE: Submit Your #WisdomOfWomen Quote to CNN Leading Women by Midnight

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on February 24, 2013

From what I hear from the Women Grow Business community when I’m out and about, we just love CNN’s Leading Women column, especially their Twitter initiatives. If you’ve previously missed out on participating in some of their recent columns, this could be your chance.

The most recent project they’re working on is for International Women‘s Day, coming up on March 8th. On that day, we celebrate the achievements of women worldwide, and reflect on how to continue to make progress in the worldwide struggle to have the equal rights of women recognized in all areas.

This year, CNN will be publishing an article of contributed quotes on the Wisdom of Women - here’s a quick quote from the article:

… in the lead-up to this year’s event, we’re asking our readers to share their favorite quotes from celebrated women of the world.

It could be a motto on love, a tip for success, a proverb on happiness or a witty observation about life. Just share the words that have inspired you along the way and it could be featured — along with your name — as part our special coverage.

How do you enter?

Send out a tweet with your favorite quote from a wise woman who inspires you, and append the  #wisdomofwomen hashtag. If you have room, add the Women Grow Business hashtag #wgbiz as well- I’d like to recognize those people from our community who respond.

Just remember, the deadline for this is midnight TONIGHT, Eastern time – I checked with the reporters doing the column and for any of our quotes to make the cut, we must have our quotes in today.

Image courtesy of Fickr user Creative Commons License Ed Yourdon 

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