Social Media Week Spotlight for Tuesday – Top Available Must-See Sessions for Washington DC

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on February 18, 2013

socialmediaweek2013x200Ah, Social Media Week. Each year I both anticipate and dread it, as I do all DC conferences.

I love the idea of being able to do a lot of networking, meet brilliant start-up geniuses, and learn all types of new things.

But unlike the conferences that involve major travel, the major local tech and business gatherings often seem to be ill-timed. Thank goodness for Metro and Uber or I’d just stay at work/home half the time!

But I digress. This year, Social Media week had some exciting sessions. My intention was to go through the list of things that sound most interesting, particularly those that compete with sessions I must attend, only to find that some of the best sessions filled rather quickly. I almost missed out on going to the session I told you about earlier this month.

So instead, I’m only choosing from sessions that have tickets available as of this writing, or that you can watch via live stream. To keep this short and sweet, given that I get rather rambly, we’ll highlight these three items:

  • The Social Media week session and its hashtag
  • Why you want to Go
  • Livestream or Attendance link

Top Available  Social Media Week Sessions for Tuesday

#SocialGov Summit 2013: Forwarding Citizen Experience With Social Data - #SmwGov
Presenters from NASA, NIH, Department of Defense and more, gathering to talk about social media and government. To me this represents the beginning of real-time citizen participation in government, which is what I believe our forefathers intended when the world was small enough for this to be feasible.

Livestream | Attend (hurry, 20 tickets left at this writing!)

Social Media & Smart Autos: The Car IS the Latest in Technology - #SmwAuto
Hi-tech cars. I don’t really have to say more than that do I? Also, it’s moderated by someone from Beekeeper Group – you always hear great things about sessions they’re involved in and wish you’d have gone.

Attend (10 seats remain)

Feed Your Enthusiasm: Sharing with Podcasts and Blogs - #SMWFeed
Connection and content are the top two things people come to the internet for, so it’s worth learning  how to get it into the hands of the people who want it the most.

Livestream | Attend

In the Know: Twitter for Public Health - #SM4PH
A CDC project is putting this on,the intersection of health and social media will fascinate you even if you’re jaded, and who knows, there may be some Zombie Preparedness information shared. Come on, how can you not support an event put on by an organization that has a special zombie section on their website?

Livestream | Attend? – it says an address is forth-coming but I don’t see one.

DC Tweet-Up Happy Hour & Discussion: Build Relationships, Followers Will Come - #SmwEdgarSocial
The great thing about the global pervasiveness of the web, particularly through mobile and social media, is that it enables you to build leads, contact peers and even conduct business with people you might never otherwise meet face to face.

The great thing about living in a metropolitan area where it’s possible to do so, is that meeting people in the flesh, even just once in a while, can accelerate your mission.

Plus I met one of the organizers, Ann Tran,  about 18 months ago and she was a warm, fun person.


Let me know if you go to any of the events- I’d love to add you to my photo highlights of the week.

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