XPotomac Live Blog In Progress

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on February 25, 2013

In this spot, as Monday goes on, will be our live blog coverage of xPotomac (see our Friday post for more details). If you’re an attendee, all you need to do is use the #xpotomac hashtag in order to get us to see your tweet. Feel free to use the #wgbiz hashtag too if you had a unique observation you think we may have missed.


xPotomac Live Blog

On Monday, February 25th, xPotomac will be coming to Washington DC. When it starts I’ll be gathering live photos, tweets, video and related links. At that point, it’ll be published WomenGrowBusiness.com.

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Here’s the xPotomac site.
xPotomacGiven how much of the current web – social and content marketing included – revolves around search, voice search represents a game change…
The link below includes all the Twitter handles, in a format you can cut and paste. If you’re an attendee, search your email for the Digital Agenda – it contains much of the same information – I just provided some extra details.
5 Things You Need to Know for xPotomac on Monday #xpotomacxPotomac is happening on Monday, February 25, starting at 8:30 am. There are still a handful of tickets available. If you missed our anno…
At the time of this writing, there’s ONE business ticket left. Scroll down a bit to grab it.
xPotomacxPotomac is where the digital media future meets businesses. This groundbreaking conference features seven media technologies most likely…

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