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How to get featured on Women Grow Business
We welcome one-time guest bloggers or even ongoing guest contributors. We invite women entrepreneurs and businesswomen to share their experience – on leadership, success, failure (and transcending it), marketing, social tech, talent retention, and more.

What to do:

Option 1:
Have a topic in mind that’s particularly important to you, that also could benefit women business owners. For more insight to the blog’s editorial mission, please read our first post: Victory, Defeat, and In Between: Welcome to the Women Grow Business Blog. Then draft a blog post between 400-600 words of original work (this means YOU must have written it, and it must not have been previously published) and submit to tinuwgb (at) asktinu (dot) com, along with your contact information, photo (see specs below), and mini bio (75 words, and please include a link to your business and contact information, e.g. Twitter handle) for consideration.

To maintain preferred blog formatting, please provide link love in your post as well i.e. include 3-5 links related to your content, please (thank you!). Earn some social karma by linking to content other than your own, e.g. reliable news articles, reliable blogs or blog posts, etc. However, they can NOT be links directly to products, tracking links, Facebook pages, etc. Feel free to link to those in your bio at the end though.

Please do not include photos in your post unless you have ownership of the intellectual property rights associated with that photo or the photo is an unambiguous part of the creative commons with proper attribution.

Option 2:
If you’re a woman entrepreneur and would rather participate via an email interview format, I invite you to answer these questions:

  • What makes your business unique?
  • What decisions have best enabled your company to endure the current economy (and excel)?
  • What most influenced you to launch your business?
  • What key strategic and operational tactics helped your business first get started?
  • What failure or missed benchmark proved a good business lesson (and why)?
  • Do you use social media for your business? How? If not, why not?
  • Where do you envision your business in (5) years?

You are welcome to add additional Q&As, the above is a guide to get you started.

Please send replies to tinuwgb (at) asktinu (dot) com, along with your contact information, photo, and mini bio as above.


  • If you’re submitting your own photo (again, this means you own the photo, i.e. hold the copyright), please also include the caption and credit information for correct attribution
  • When submitting your headshot to run with your byline, please ensure it is a 150×150 JPG file
  • Submit your post as a Word document or in the body of an email, bearing in mind all the above
  • Please do not send any PDF files
  • If you’re submitting a post about an event, please send it in at least 3 weeks before the event
  • Make sure your pitch doesn’t suck
  • We love posts that tell stories, give concrete advice and are not blatantly self-promotional

Please note:

  • All submitted posts are subject to editing for ease of reading and to cater to online formats, as well as the Women Grow Business format, or for legal or other competitive reasons
  • Submission of posts is not a guarantee that the post will be accepted
  • Due to the volume of inquiries, only pitches for posts that are accepted (or intriguing enough to warrant a follow-up) will be responded to
  • You may republish your post on your own blog one (1) week after it has been published on Women Grow Business, as long as you note that it was first published on Women Grow Business and include a link back to the original publishing


Contact the editor: tinuwgb (at) asktinu (dot) com.

All that said… thanks for your interest in Women Grow Business!

(image by Lipsticks+Fridays, Creative Commons)

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