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by Jill Foster on July 16, 2009

Friday Favorites: 5 Lessons from an Entrepreneur (and Engineer from Google, Apple, and Microsoft)

by Jill Foster on July 16, 2009

Happy Friday! Women Grow Business is broaching its sixth full month in action(!) And as an initial way to celebrate, favorite posts per readership will be shared again for enjoyment each Friday this summer. So welcome to some summer fun and Women Grow Business’ Friday Favorites. And expect to see next week more reviews of [...]

Guest contributor Gayle Laakmann is an entrepreneur and engineer who has previously worked for Google, Microsoft and Apple. She is founder and CEO of CareerCup, which offers services to help candidates prepare for technical interviews with preparation tools. And she’s currently a Wharton MBA student and an advisor, plus former VP of Engineering, to EmptySpaceAds [...]