DC Media Makers

by Jill Foster on July 22, 2009

You're Invited! Allyson Kapin Shares Her Digital Mojo at July's DC Media Makers (NPR hosts)

by Jill Foster on July 22, 2009

If you’re game for learning digital media in a fun, conversational forum – If you seek feedback on a particular digital project – either for your business or a personal digital pursuit – If you want to learn new web tools in a relaxed, peer-to-peer environment – Or if you just want to meet enthusiasts [...]

I’m finding more and more there are so many incredible people and organizations who want to share what they know — in business, in education, in social media, in entrepreneurship, industries everywhere! — just for the sake of teaching it out of enthusiasm. And in this spirit …there’s a group in Washington, DC providing peer-learning [...]

For the podcast: 5 minutes I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Digital Strategy Consultant Sibyl Edwards on UNICEF’s TAP Project, a huge effort to help get clean drinking water to children world wide. She has teamed up with GMMB & UNICEF and shared how businesses can get involved, how much a $1 donation [...]